Outlook Attachments Bar vs View As Icon

When using Outlook 2003, I try to discourage the option of "Use Microsoft Word to edit emails". I don't see any reason to run Word in the background all the time and the HTML that Word generates is way bloated.

If you turn that option, you have three options for message format: HTML, Rich Text, and Plain Text. The first two allow colors, the third doesn't.

If you pick Rich Text, then the way that your attachments look will change. When you prepare a new message and add an attachment, it will appear in the body of the message instead of in the attachment bar. Switching to HTML formatting will put it back the other way.

I'm assuming this is because you can actually specify the location of the attachment in the Rich Text format, which would be handy because you could refer the 'below attachment' if there were multiple ones.

Another obscure "feature" that changes without warning!

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