Upgrading to Rails 2.3 with git

I upgraded an application to Rails 2.3, starting with making a new empty branch and using that merge back to a staging branch, which is very well described by Olly at the Bamboo Blog. I had a few issues, which I thought I would collect here in case anyone else has them.
  • A merge conflict means that 'git status' will show the file as unmerged, if you need to find which files failed the merge.
  • This nuked my copy of restful_authentication that I'd cloned into vendor/plugins which I downloaded from the tarball instead.
  • I hadn't renamed application.rb to application_controller.rb, so I didn't get a merge conflict but I also didn't have any of my original code in the new application_controller.rb that was auto-generated. My symptom of this was "current_user" didn't work because restful_authentication wasn't being loaded.
All in all, there were a lot of changes to various Rails files that I was glad I caught using this method.

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