Webex .ARF conversion to something editable on Mac

You can't import the Webex format directly into iMovie or your editing tool of choice. I tried downloading the Mac ARF player, which supposedly has options to convert the file to WMV and SWF. http://www.webex.com/downloadplayer.html After installing and opening my video in the player, I didn't have File > Convert options that everyone talks about. There are lot of tools on the Support / Downloads page for Webex: http://support.webex.com/support/downloads.html Maybe the nbr2mp4 utility would work (http://support.webex.com/supportutilities/nbr2mp4.tar):
A Linux-based conversion utility that allows you to convert your Cisco WebEx network-based recording files, which are in WebEx Advanced Recording Format File (.arf), and which were created with WBS 26 or higher to an MPEG-4 (.mp4) format.
It converts in realtime, though, so I didn't try that path, especially since I'm not sure if all of the linux libraries would be support on Mac. Since I already had a virtual machine with Windows, I grabbed the ARF viewer for Windows and it had the conversion options.

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