Godaddy: Common name is already present in a current certificate

When submitting a CSR for creating a new SSL certificate on I received this error:
Common name is already present in a current certificate
For those searching for a quick answer: you need to renew the other certificate or get it revoked. I took this site over from another developer, so I didn't have access to the SSL account that he used to purchase the certificate. My first call to general support told me I would have to prove an interest in the domain name, either through knowing the account login or some other method, like altering a DNS record or something. He bounced me to SSL support for future help. Called godaddy SSL support (480-505-8852) and they said: The current certificate needs to be revoked, so current owner of domain needs to get involved. I asked if the DNS option was a possibility, because trying to get an email to a no-longer-there contact's email address sent on to me reliably could be problematic. After talking to a supervisor, I gave them my email address and they sent me an email:
We need to validate your domain access or control. Your domain's WHOIS record does not present a valid registrant and/or administrative email address, you will need to complete domain control verification. There are several alternative methods you can choose from below to complete domain control verification. This is a special code for you to use when completing one of the two methods below: abc123 Domain Zone Control Access your domain name's DNS control panel and create a CNAME using the special code as the hostname. The points-to address does not matter. CNAME = Website Control Validation Create a webpage on your root domain using the special code above. Example: your domain name is and if the code is abc123 , you would create a webpage named abc123.html and upload it to the root domain so it resolves as You must use html as the page extension. ************************************************ The webpage will also need to contain the special code in the body. We will not accept a blank page. ************************************************
I replied to that email after setting up the CNAME and making sure it worked. I waited the requested 15 minutes and called back in to get a status update. The customer service rep grabbed a supervisor and they submitted it and I got on with my SSL request.

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