Tools we love

We spend a lot of time on our computers, so we spend a lot of time trying out new tools. Here are some of our favorites:


Backblaze backs your computer up, offsite, automatically. Killer features:
  • Protect from your computer crashing
  • Restore a file you accidentally delete or change
  • Offsite storage
  • Unlimited space
  • Can encrypt your data if you need/want to
  • Locate My Computer, if your computer is lost or stolen, backblaze can help you track it down
  • $5 per month per computer
  • $50 per year per computer


Dropbox synchronizes files across multiple computers. Killer features:
  • Keep folders in synch across multiple computers. No more emailing files to yourself
  • Share folders with other people. ¬†For instance, I shared a folder with my bookkeeper to put receipts into, we have a shared folder for work projects, you can share folders with clients to transfer files back and forth
  • Public folder. If you want to send a big file to someone and can't email it, you can put the file in your dropbox public folder. That uploads it and you can send a link to the person and they can download it from the dropbox server.
  • Mini backup. Files in here are available from the dropbox website, so in a pinch you can login to the Dropbox website and get that presentation you forgot.
  • Free, can store up to 2GB
  • $10/month for 50GB storage
  • $20/month for 100GB storage

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