Hide zero balance clients in Harvest Uninvoiced Report

UPDATE: Check out the updated bookmarklet for more functionality: Even better: hiding zero balance clients/projects in Harvest Uninvoiced Report
I love the Harvest Uninvoiced Report. I actually built the same thing for myself using the Harvest API, so I could run it at will and see what client balances were. The Harvest provided one goes a couple steps further, showing expenses and giving a link to create an invoice. One thing, though: harvest uninvoiced We have a lot of clients and there might be a while that we don't do something for someone. Showing all of these clients that don't have a balance makes it hard to focus on the ones that do have a balance. This is the 'Uninvoiced' report, after all, which I tend to use for "who do I need to invoice?" Digging in, we can use some javascript to find the rows that are non-invoice-able and hide them: Here's a bookmarklet for you: Harvest Hide Uninvoiceable Drag it to your bookmarks bar, go to the uninvoiced report, and click to hide. Questions and improvements welcome, best way to get ahold of me is to follow me on Twitter.

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