Kansas City Ruby: What's New in Ruby - February 2012

At the beginning of each Kansas City Ruby meeting, I do a quick presentation on some new neat things from the last month in Ruby news.  

What's New In Ruby

February 2012

Ruby on Rails 3.2 released

  • Faster development mode
  • End of Ruby 1.8.7
  • puts Person.active.limit(5).explain
  • Automatically shows when > half a second
  • TaggedLogger

ActiveRecord Store

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
          store :settings, accessors: [ :color, :homepage ]
u = User.new(color: 'black', homepage: '37signals.com')
        u.color # Accessor stored attribute
  # Any attribute, even if not specified with an accessor

        u.settings[:country] = 'Denmark'

RubyMine 4.0 released

http://blog.jetbrains.com/ruby/2012/02/rubymine-4-is-here-to-make-you-feel-the-productivity/ RubyMine is a popular Ruby and Rails IDE by JetBrains (the folks behind IntelliJ IDEA). A focus has been put on improving its performance and UI, but it now also supports all of Rails 3.2 features, including CoffeeScript compilation right from the IDE.

Spree 1.0 Released

http://spreecommerce.com/ Spree is almost certainly the most popular, fully featured Rails-based e-commerce system and its creators are proud to announce the release of version 1.0.0.


https://github.com/joelmoss/strano The Github backed Capistrano deployment management UI.


https://github.com/netzpirat/guard-rspectacle Guard::RSpectacle automatically tests your application with RSpec when files are modified.

Lightning Talks

  • Samuel Mullen: using search provider shortcuts in Google Chrome, blog post
  • Jaime Bellmyer: searching with leap2
  • Advanced REST Client: help view API responses with Chrome app link

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