Lowdown is now free and open-source

Lowdown was a Rails Rumble project in 2009, aiming to help business owners that want custom software work with developers and designers to get on the same page.

We continued to maintain Lowdown after Rails Rumble, but it's time to let it go live its own life.

So, as of today:

  1. Lowdown is now 100% free with unlimited projects and unlimited collaborators. All current and paid subscribers have been converted to the free plan.
  2. Lowdown is now Open Source Software. For more information please visit: http://github.com/databasically/lowdown
  3. Support for the free hosted version has moved to Github issues. Please see #2 for more information.
  4. We’ve migrated Lowdown to Heroku. All current projects will be intact, although there may be minor (if any) disruption in service as DNS propagates. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for trying/using Lowdown! If you're interested in participating in the OS version, please contact us: @databasically

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