What's New In Ruby: May 2013 edition

Every month, Kansas City Ruby (#kcruby) reviews a subset of Peter Cooper's fantastic Ruby Weekly selections, along with other items picked up around the web.

A Scorched Earth Game in Ruby with OpenGL/Gosu/Chingu

Scorched Earth is an artillery style game (a la Gorillas that came with QBasic) and its mechanic has been elegantly recreated in Ruby here by James Moriarty.

String#scrub Method Added to Edge Ruby (Ruby 2.1)

If the string includes an invalid byte sequence for the encoding, #scrub replaces invalid bytes with a given replacement character.

PaperclipOptimizer: Minify JPEG and PNG Attachments Received via Paperclip

A processor for Paperclip that allows you to optimize and minify uploaded JPG, PNG or GIF images by wrapping around ImageOptim.

Better Single-Table Inheritance through Model Delegation

Put common attributes in a single table, non-shared attributes in separate tables with foreign key references, and use object delegation so that each model transparently pulls what it needs from both.

Popular Ruby-based Static Site Generator Jekyll Reaches 1.0

Railscasts: Upgrading to Rails 4

With the recent release of Rails 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1, it's time to try it out and report any bugs. Here, Ryan Bates walks us through the steps to upgrade a Rails 3.2 application to Rails 4.0.

Phusion Passenger 4.0.1 released

So reassured of its quality, the Phusion crew decided to leap straight to a more trustworthy 4.0.1 for the first stable release of Passenger 4, the popular Nginx and Apache deployment and server module for Rack apps.

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