Kansas City Ruby RTanque League: Round Two Results

These are the results for round one of the 2013 KC Ruby RTanque League.

Results: Win, Loss, Avg Health Left

Rank Bot Wins Losses Health
1 joeandaverde 11 0 69.0
2 THEtheChad 9 2 58.0
3 dalek 9 2 41.5
4 Darren 8 3 41.7
5 twitch 6 5 28.2
6 sir ticks a lot 4 4 39.5
7 MacGyver 4 6 24.5
8 DrunkBot 4 6 18.5
9 jamesior_bot 2 8 24.9
10 Seek&Destroy 2 7 18.9
11 wallhugger 0 6 32.5
12 hacker 0 10 1.1

For losses, remaining health is 0. For draws, both bots get their remaining health.


Some matches were infinite, so I capped each match at 7500 ticks.
I'll update this with questions if you have them. Post to the meetup thread.

Round Three Due: Sunday, July 14th at midnight

We're going to run the next round live at KC Ruby, so get your entry in. Even if you didn't enter the previous rounds, you can still play!

How to submit

  • upload your bot's code to a private gist
  • bot filename must end in .rb
  • please keep the same bot name in your class so we can compare
  • fill out this google form with the following information:
    • your name
    • gist ID from above
    • twitter handle

Viewing the replays

Every match has been recorded, so you can grab the download and watch them to see what went well and what you need to improve on.

Download the matches

(zipped YAML): download
Unzip to your rtanque directory.

Grab the databasically fork of RTanque

This has the record/replay logic that hasn't been merged into master yet.

# A sample Gemfile
source "https://rubygems.org"

gem 'rtanque', :path => "/Users/wg/code/rtanque/databasically-rtanque"


bundle update rtanque

Find the name of the match you want to watch, start it with:

bundle exec rtanque replay replays/bot--vs--bot.yml

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